Smaller than Small

Another often overlooked small space stitch is the Cross Stitch.  Because, really, what's more fun than plain needlepoint than plain needlepoint twice over the same intersection?

Cross Stitch.jpg

What sets the Cross Stitch apart is its unique ability to be a single stand alone stitch.  The diagram on the left side above shows the sequence for the individual stitch.  You can use it for an eye, a button, an earring, a flower center, or a star.  Use it for any single stitch that needs to stand apart, however delicately, from the area around it.  For use as a single stitch, it works best if the area surrounding it is a different color.  It also makes a great accent stitch in a larger pattern, illustrated by the stitched sample on Instagram.

The diagram on the right side shows a cluster of Cross Stitches.  This is perfect for a small area that needs texture yet needs to recede a little bit.  Consider it for groundcover in the distance on a landscape.  It also makes a great tree trunk, allowing the (more enjoyable to stitch*) leaves to stand out.

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*  This author's opinion