About Me

Mary Legallet

I’ve done needlepoint since high school, but a visit to Needlepoint Inc in San Francisco in the mid-1990’s revealed decorative stitches and diverse thread choices that captured my imagination, and sparked a new, even deeper love for the craft. I then had the good fortune of learning under the tutelage of Beverly Churchfield, and the amazing late Wendy Harwood at Aristeia in Brentwood (now in Santa Monica). 

Creating whimsical designs and cultivating a crisp, clean style all my own became not only a passion, but after a 25+ year career in advertising and corporate marketing, I chose to focus my life’s second chapter on needlepoint. I created whimsicalstitch.com to share the joy I find in every new needlepoint project, stitch technique, and even the threads I use.

I now enjoy travelling to stores across the country teaching workshops and embellishment events. My ongoing writing projects include the popular #whimsicalwednesday blog, where I share a free new stitch diagram (with stitched sample!) every Wednesday, along with the occasional #smallspacesunday and #stitchingsunday posts featuring small space stitches and past blog stitches in different projects (from a lot of my wonderfully talented students). I also write the Simply Stitches column in Needlepoint Now, featuring another cache of stitches.

I have a pile of unfinished projects in the basement, just like everyone else.  And I swear I’m going to finish them all someday, once I’m done stitching.