I celebrate whimsical and playful needlepoint designs.


Whimsy is the catalyst for my needlepoint style, both in needlepoint canvas selection and my stitch designs.  I am thrilled to be creating stitch guides for Melissa Shirley Designs and Zecca Designs.  Currently, the stitch guide library includes 27 projects from Melissa Shirley Designs and one project from Zecca Designs.  More projects are in the pipeline, I promise!


I'm here to help guide you with a cheerful, clean, and crisp style.  

Stitch Guides

whimsicalstitch.com signature stitch guides include detailed color coded stitch diagrams, close up photography of individual elements of the piece on high quality paper, alternative thread suggestions, and insight from my own experience stitching the piece. 


I want to spread the joy of needlepoint to both new and veteran stitchers. 




My teaching style is warm and engaging.  My workshops include stitch guides, companion visual elements for the classroom, and a sense of humor.    


My weekly blog features fun and whimsical stitch suggestions, including diagrams, insight on possible thread selections, and suggested uses for the stitch.  In addition, there are weekly companion posts on Instagram and Pinterest.  Select stitched samples (from the weekly blog posts) are housed on Instagram.  There is a library of all #whimsicalwednesday stitch diagrams as well as other needlepoint stitch, technique, and project inspirations on Pinterest.  All are curated with the objective of broadening an experienced stitcher's horizons as well as introducing a new stitcher to the possibilities of needlepoint.