I want one of your stitch guides!

Great!  So here's what you do.

Currently, whimsicalstitch.com Stitch Guides and Stitch Concepts are only available through your local needlepoint store.  The stitch guide (or concept) number is included in each of the stitch guide descriptions.  It begins with WS- and ends with three numbers.  Your local needlepoint store can order the guide for you from whimsicalstitch.com.

This link provides a list of retailers who carry Melissa Shirley Designs.  Zecca retailers can be found here.  This link will take you to Patience Brewster (Kate Dickerson) retailers.  Any of these retailers should be able to order a whimsicalstitch.com stitch guide for you.

Note to retailers:  Please email your requests to me.  I will respond to your request within one business day.   Thank you!


But, wait, what's the difference between a stitch guide and stitch concept?

Actually, it's a very good question.  Stitch Guides include detailed stitch diagrams, close up photography of individual stitched elements, alternative thread suggestions, and insight from my own experience stitching the piece.  Stitch Concepts are comprehensive stitch plans with detailed stitch diagrams, alternative thread suggestions, and insight on how to navigate the stitches.  As I have not stitched these pieces (yet), there are no accompanying photographs.  But I promise they are still thorough and well thought out.  :)

All whimsicalstitch.com Stitch Guides and Stitch Concepts are printed on high quality paper, so the photos and diagrams are clear.  


I want to go to one of your workshops!

Even better!  Keep your eye on this calendar to see what is in the pipeline.  If there is an event you are interested in, please contact the shop owner for sign-up information.


I want you to teach at my local store!

That's adorable.  If you are a customer, please tell that to your local store owner.  If you are said local store owner, please reach out to me (contact info here) and I will share costs, ideas for teaching events, and schedule.  


I want to sign up for #whimsicalwednesday emails!

Great!  Here's the form.