More Woven Whimsy

It's always fun to pull out old pieces and see what stitches I may have forgotten.  I started a new stitch guide yesterday with one of my favorite Melissa Shirley Halloween pieces.  (More about that in a future blog.)

I found a perfect example of a stitch I enjoy but never remember to use.  For some reason, I remember Woven Hungarian as a great small space stitch.  This stitch is similar and just as versatile.

I call it Diagonal Woven Ribbon.  It's a great way to integrate multiple colors or multiple thread finishes (e.g., matte and metallic) into a small space.  Typically, I use a matte thread for the gray lines and metallics for the colored lines in between.  That said, there are many ways this stitch will fit your stitching needs.

You can use threads of the same color for the entire section, or integrate multiple colors (as shown below).

You can alternate colors by row.  In this example, each row is defined by the direction the stitches are facing.  Even here, I would use a matte thread for the thin lines and a metallic for the wider line in between. 

You can leave the middle stitch out all together for a nice open stitch where the shading of the canvas shows through.

Enjoy!  Let us know how you use it!