Woven Whimsy

There is something to be said for the tried and true stitches.  And when they can serve in multiple roles, all the better.  

Allow me to introduce you to (what I call) the Woven Ribbon stitch.  There are far too many things I like about it.  It is a clean, symmetrical design.  It serves well in large spaces without overpowering the piece.  The 2X2 row of stitches in between the larger squares can be glammed up with beads or a Smyrna Cross or dressed down with simple single stitches.

My favorite thing about it is that it does the job for a variety of larger spaces.  I've used it as a sky, a coat, a basket, a table top, wallpaper.

Enjoy the stitch!  Help inspire us by letting us know how you use it!

PS  I admit I might be more excited I figured out how to insert the image in the original blog post.  That said, I'm still posting all #whimsicalwednesday stitches on Pinterest (www.pinterest.com/whimsicalstitch) and Instagram (www.instagram.com/whimsicalstitch).  Enjoy!