Baby Bling

As you may have noticed, I use very fancy, technical terms for stitch concepts.  Darling (for sweet stitches), Bling (fun dressy stitches with at least one metallic thread or bead), Trifecta (classy stitch with an element of three of some kind).  Today's #smallspacesunday features a Baby Bling stitch.  It's the clever combo of an upright cross stitch and a bead.

This stitch is great for any small space requiring more than a splash of excitement.  The beads are a nice surprise in this stitch, adding elegance and glamour.  What I also really like about this stitch is its inherent openness, allowing shading to show through.

Baby Bling Stitch.jpg

Since this is a bling stitch, I wholeheartedly encourage using a metallic for the Upright Cross.  If you want the beads to pop more, do the Upright Cross in a matte thread.  I've seen this stitch used as a flower petal, a lemon (as seen on the stitched sample on Instagram), and a roof.  It's truly versatile...yet the common denominator is a small space.

Speaking of the stitched sample, it uses a Kreinik Metallics Fine Braid (#8) and a #11 Sundance Bead.  It is a very light application of this stitch.  Consider a heavier metallic and larger bead if you would like the area to pop even more.  

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