If there is a real, adult name for this stitch, I have no clue.  I call it the Bling Stitch because the ratio is two metallic threads and one matte thread.  Yum!  That's the way I learned it and the way I always return to it, tho the possibilities are far greater than that.

Now the stitch.

The way I learned it, the dark gray lines were a matte thread while the light gray lines and the aqua crosses were two different metallic threads.  One of the many things I loved about this stitch was the color variations made possible by using three different threads.

Imagine white matte thread with a silver metallic for the light gray line and a red metallic cross stitch.  How about a matte thread with two separate metallics threads all in related color values?  For Halloween, try a black matte thread with an orange metallic for the light gray line and a purple or lime green cross stitch.  The stitched sample on Instagram is a red matte thread with a red metallic in between and the crosses are a black metallic.

The possibilities are endless.  And fun.

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I hope you have the perfect space for this stitch and enjoy it!