Scrumptious Scallops

Scallop stitches are wonderful additions to many canvases.  The most obvious use for a scallop stitch is water.  It replicates waves...literally.  Think beyond that and you will find a highly versatile stitch that is appropriate for backgrounds, clothing, or roofs, just as thought starters.  The perfect symmetry lends itself to many applications.

Scallop Over Three.jpg

The above stitch has perfectly matched rows of over three on the vertical with one empty row in between.  Skipping a row is purely optional...I just so happen to like the way the skipped row helps the stitch become understated.  This stitch was used as a sky on a Melissa Shirley birdhouse, as shown on Instagram.

The next example also skips a row and adds varied scallop widths.  This is fun application for clothing.


Scallop stitches are wonderful with multiple thread finishes.  You can alternate rows of matte and metallic or even add a row of beads (on the vertical) for an "over two row" possibility.  Consider alternating rows of different colors in the same thread.  (The stitched sample on Instagram illustrates that look.)  

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I hope you have the perfect space for this stitch and enjoy it!