Snow in September

Today's trifecta is September, snow, and small spaces.

Honestly, I'm never thrilled when new stitch months begin on a #smallspacesunday.  I get nervous that I won't have the perfect small stitch.  This month is different.  

I had to figure out what to do for small sections of snow on a tree on a Christmas stocking.  I did this technique on a whim, with translucent beads, fully expected to not like it, and worked on a backup plan while I stitched.

Turns out I loved it.  And kept it.  

Frankly, I believe what made it work was that WAS a small space.  This much beading on a large roof, or ground cover, would be overwhelming.  The stitched sample on Instagram shows a lot of the tree so you can see the context.

This stitch diagram, along with other #whimsicalwednesday and #smallspacesunday stitch diagrams, can also be found on  

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