Today's stitch is the Slide Stitch.  There are so many ways to play with this one.  Let's start with the base concept.

It combines an oblique and a diagonal stitch.  The above diagram illustrates how easy it is to flip directions as necessary.  It looks great either way.  As mentioned last week, I like to combine related color values in the same thread.  Depending on the animal, there may be an occasion to add a metallic.  A great example is a bird wing.

The next version doesn't skip a row and adds an angle.

You can also skip a row with this pattern.  If you don't skip a row, I strongly suggest you alternate thread weights.  The diagram on the right illustrates that concept.  Use a lightweight thread for the gray lines and a heavier thread for the colored lines.  Feel free to add metallics for the single stitches.

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