Skipping Rows

About a month ago, I talked about skipping rows.  Today's stitch is another riff on that theme and builds on this month's (unintentional) tramme theme.

So, a funny thing happened on the way to these diagrams.  I planned for one diagram this week.  I charted the diagram below from (I now know) an incorrect memory as it is not a perfect match to the stitched sample.  Technically, it's still correct because it's just one of the many ways you can play with this stitch. So, voila!, you have three diagrams.

The first version of this "skipping a row" stitch includes Tramme.  

Layered column sequence: 1. Gray lines 2. Yellow lines 3. Aqua lines

Layered column sequence: 1. Gray lines 2. Yellow lines 3. Aqua lines

Pay attention to the empty rows in between the vertical black lines and the oblique yellow lines.  It adds a crisp edge to the columns on either side.

The next version of this stitch eliminates the Tramme effect (by removing the gray lines), yet fills in that area with a small vertical stitch.  It's a subtle difference but makes the stitch a little less pronounced (by removing the thread underneath the crosses).

The graph above matches the stitched sample on Instagram.

As a reminder, I use multiple colors for clarity in the graphs.  As you can see in the stitched sample, I used Elegance for the black and yellow lines and Kreinik Metallics Fine Braid (#8) for the accent stitches (the turquoise lines) on 13-mesh. 

The last diagram leaves the Extended Crosses with the horizontal accent stitches as standalone stitches, with no tramme nor vertical accents in between.  I must admit I like the simplicity of this stitch.

These stitch diagrams, along with all other #whimsicalwednesday and #smallspacesunday stitch diagrams, can also be found on a Pinterest board here.

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I hope you have the perfect spot for any one of these stitches!  Enjoy!