Don't Hate Me

This is a fantastic small space stitch and is one of the few stitches that can stand alone with only one.  But, I swear out loud every single time I use it...and am always thrilled with the end result.  Always.  Today's stitch is the Jessica Stitch.

The important thing to remember about the Jessica is, despite appearances, there is a pattern to the stitch and you have to pay attention to the diagram.  The core element is repeated four times, once from each side of the circle.

Jessica Core Element.jpg

For clarity in this diagram (and the next diagram),  the sequence numbers are on the rows just outside the stitch sequence location.  

This pattern repeats itself in all four directions of the stitch.   The pattern begins up one row and over the number of rows your Jessica size will be.  Each subsequent stitch is one row over, UP a single row higher and OVER a single row lower.  For the diagram example, it's four rows.  So, the pattern is:

Up one and over four
Up two and over three
Up three and over two
Up four and over one

You repeat this pattern four times to create the circle.  If you have a stitch starting or ending in any of the four corners, it is no longer a circle, it is a square.  


Different colors are used on each side to highlight the comment element for clarity.  In addition, and this is very important, on the last step, each of the four stitches (cream lines) are tucked under the stitches already there (light aqua lines).

The stitched sample on Instagram is from a Melissa Shirley stocking I did for MF9YO (my favorite 9-year old).

This stitch diagram, along with all other #whimsicalwednesday and #smallspacesunday stitch diagrams, can also be found on a Pinterest board here.

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So, as the blog title says, don't hate me.  I hope this helps you embrace a really fun stitch and I hope you have the perfect spot for it!  Enjoy!