I Can See Clearly Now

I vividly remember when I was taught how to do glass by Wendy Harwood.  Like it was yesterday.

It was a glass jar full of candy on a Melissa Shirley stocking.  I loved the colors of the candies and looked forward to bringing them to life with bright threads.  In the back of my mind, I was bummed it wouldn't be clear the pretty candies were in a jar, but couldn't verbalize that thought.  Turned out it didn't matter.  Wendy shared a great solution that showed off the pretty candies in what was very clearly a jar.

Open stitches with Kreinik Metallics.

Jars, eye glasses, vases, windows...everything glass.  It was and is a great solution.  My go-to stitch for windows is Reverse Basketweave in a Kreinik Metallic Braid.  My favorite is #032 Very Fine Braid (#4) for 18 mesh and #032 Fine Braid (#8) for 13 mesh.

Reverse Basketweave.jpg

Another favorite glass stitch is Alicia's Lace.  It's Plain Needlepoint in alternating directions.  So easy.

Alicia's Lace.jpg

Experiment with some of your favorite open stitches and share what you learn with us!  I hope you enjoy this solution!

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P.S.  I miss you, Wendy.  A lot.