It Takes Two

Today's #smallspacesunday focuses on the 2X2 square.  

The standard for a 2X2 square is the Mosaic Stitch, the smallest Satin Stitch there is.  

I diagrammed it in two colors to expand your thinking on small spaces.  The two colors represent two colors, thread types or both.  

The next is the Cross Stitch or, as I like to elegantly call it, an X.

You will notice the diagram is in same colors and in the same size.  But the color pattern is different.  Just another way to look at a space.

The next 2X2 is the Upright Cross.  

The Upright Cross is featured as the stitched sample on's Instagram page this week.

The Smyrna Cross is often overlooked because it adds a lovely pop of texture and most people think of it for only texture.  This begs the question...why not add the surprise of texture in a small space?  It's a lovely and unexpected touch.  And that's why I love it so.  

You will be surprised at how fun this stitch can be.  I've used it in "larger" small spaces such as a two-row high border, boots on a Santa, and as small bushes in the background in addition to the traditional small spaces such as a snowflake, a holiday ornament, or a button.  The Smyrna Cross adds a pop of contrasting color and texture in a larger stitch combo.

The possibilities are endless.  The only thing I obsess about is the application of a consistent stitch sequence.  My recommended sequence is above.  If you do a different sequence, I strongly encourage you to do the same sequence in all of the crosses.  

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