Small Skies Part 2

We wrap up the month of sky stitches with a #smallspacesunday.  I've named today's stitch "Small Trellis" because it reminds me of a trellis, I can't find a real name for it, and you may know by now that names aren't essential to me.  Seriously.  When we chat about stitches at my local needlepoint store, it goes like this:

Needlepoint Friend*:  "Does anyone have an idea for how I can stitch this area?"

Me:  "Oh, sure.  Do 1-2-1-2-1 with the thing in the center.  So and so did it on the flower center in the Zecca piece."

Needlepoint Friend:  "Oh!  I know exactly what you're talking about.  Sounds great.  Thanks."

*  Clearly, we've been doing this together for a while and have that shorthand.

This stitch would probably be called the "2-1-2 Diamond and don't worry about the centers."

This stitch is adaptable to so many spaces.  What makes it work for a sky is leaving the centers, both the square and the diamond shaped centers, empty.  For most other spaces, I would fill in one or both, but the simplicity of this makes it perfect for a sky.

I prefer this stitch with a lightweight matte thread.  Elegance or Grandeur are my go to threads here.  The stitched sample on Instagram uses Elegance on 18-mesh.

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