Glittery Glass

March posts focus on stitches for glass.  My glass stitches are variations of a single theme, specifically using lightweight metallic threads in an open stitch.  My go-to metallic is Kreinik Metallics Braids.  

The key to my glass stitches is a lighter weight thread than the canvas size typically calls for.  As an example, I use Kreinik Metallics Fine Braid (#8) on 13-mesh and Very Fine Braid (#4) on 18-mesh. 

For those of you who aren't comfortable with open stitches, a few of this month's stitches provide mostly full coverage, including today's example.  

We begin with Alicia's Lace.  It's a very straightforward stitch that alternates directions of simple tent stitches.  

I find it easiest to do this stitch going horizontally across a row, alternating directions for each stitch.  In addition, as you will see on the stitched sample on Instagram, this is a an especially great stitch for the smallest of windows.

Speaking of small stitches, we have first PROGRAMMING ALERT:  Due to the small nature of these stitches, there will be no #smallspacesundays during the month of March.  #smallspacesundays will return to their regularly scheduled time on April 3.

This stitch diagram, along with other #whimsicalwednesday and #smallspacesunday stitch diagrams, can also be found on  

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