Spring into April

Happy April!  This month will be a hodgepodge of stitch stuff with no overarching theme other than my stitching stream of consciousness.

And, as things would have it, we begin the month with a #smallspacesunday.  Today's stitch is a variation on a recent #smallspacesunday.  To illustrate how you can always make similar stitches look vastly different, today's version includes a bead.

The bead brings a certain gravitas to this small stitch.  It would also be great way to make areas on small canvases pop, such as clothing or wrapping paper on small ornaments.  The stitch is also especially appropriate for a small waterway or a waterway in the distance.   Have fun with it!

The diagram includes a slightly different beading technique.  Today's technique is called Vertical Cross Stitch Beading.  You attach the bead twice, from opposite directions, over the same intersection to keep the bead centered and straight.  The net result is the bead's center hole will be parallel to the vertical row versus a 45-degree angle.  It's a subtle difference, but a nice touch.

This stitch diagram, along with all other #whimsicalwednesday and #smallspacesunday stitch diagrams, can also be found on a Pinterest board here.

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I hope you have the perfect spot for this stitch!  Enjoy!