Love at First Sight

This stitch stumbled into my Pinterest feed and I knew immediately I had to include it in something.  Anything.  I love how it appears to be full coverage, yet some open canvas sneaks through.  I love the right amount of open canvas to let the beautiful shading shine through.

The only change I made was to do a single thread for the long diagonal base stitch (the black line on the diagram).  

Sequence:  1. Gray lines  2. Black lines  3. Aqua lines

Sequence:  1. Gray lines  2. Black lines  3. Aqua lines

The stitched sample combines Planet Earth Silk Opal, Very Velvet, and Kreinik Metallics Tapestry Braid (#12).

While I didn't do it in my experiment, I am obsessed with the idea of using Very Velvet for the aqua lines.  I think that little pop of texture and surprising finish would be a fun touch, especially for clothing.

This stitch diagram, along with all other #whimsicalwednesday and #smallspacesunday stitch diagrams, can also be found on a Pinterest board here.

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I hope you enjoy this stitch and have the perfect spot for it!  Enjoy!