Cross My Heart...Again!

Today's stitch is Tied Oblong Crosses.  As I diagrammed this stitch, I quickly realized I could have added an indefinite number of variations, so please consider these nothing more than thought starters!

Scalability and versatility define this stitch.  The three possibilities illustrated below include oblong crosses five rows high and two rows wide.  You can make it as small as three rows high and literally as tall as he space.  

The chart on the left includes three base patterns that differ based on their accent stitches (the gray lines).  You can center the accents on the vertical, horizontal, or both.  To make the vertical accent work, the underlying cross (the aqua lines) needs to be at least two rows wide (as illustrated).  The diagram on the right illustrates how a base pattern is put together to create the overall look.   

Generally speaking, I prefer a matte thread for the crosses and a metallic thread for the accent stitches.  If you use the bottom pattern with two accent threads, be sure to use threads with enough color contrast between them to distinguish the look.

The stitched sample on Instagram is from a roof on piece I'm currently stitching.  It would make a great border stitch, especially on clothing.  There is so much you can do with this...let your imagination go wild!

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