Small Tramme

Truth be told, most Tramme stitches qualify as small space stitches.  However, I singled this background out as a small Tramme background because the stitched sample is an ornament I did many years ago.

The stitch is very straightforward.

 Sequence:  1.  Dark gray vertical lines (aka base threads) 2.  Yellow lines (aka accent threads) 3.  Black lines

Sequence:  1.  Dark gray vertical lines (aka base threads) 2.  Yellow lines (aka accent threads) 3.  Black lines

The vertical rows are over three to add a smoothness to the background and moderate the tramme rows in the stitch.  That is a personal choice; you can do over more or fewer rows in your own piece.

The stitched sample is a combination of three different finishes in the same color family.  

The threads are DMC Pearl #8, Very Velvet, and Kreinik Metallics Very Fine Braid, all in a very light blue.  The Kreinik is a very subtle touch and may be hard to see.  That was purposeful...the light weight creates a very subtle metallic pop to the background that I love. 

The possible thread combinations and color combos are endless.  This stitch makes a fantastic background (obviously), but would also be adorable on a pair of pants with the base thread of the tramme row in a contrasting color.  It would serve well as a wallpaper, floor, rooftop (yes, again with the rooftops), or ground cover.  Its strength lies in the tramme rows, which add definition and strength to the stitch.  If you want a strong vertical (or horizontal) design element, this stitch is for you.

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I hope you enjoy this stitch and have the perfect spot for it!  Enjoy!