Simply Square

Let's face it.  There are times when you want a good looking stitch, yet don't have the attention span to do a complex and clever stitch.  Today's stitch looks great and does not require a huge amount of brain space.

The stitch provides full coverage stitch and encourages you to mix colors and thread types.  The diagram maps out three colors, simply because it is easier to visualize the stitch that way.  There are three elements:  the center square (dark gray lines), the corner squares (yellow lines), and the rectangular fillers (light gray lines).  

My most common use for this stitch is to do the center square and the corner squares in the same matte thread and the rectangular fillers in a metallic. 

The Cubed Square Stitch makes a great and subtle background.  Off the top of my head, it also lends itself to clothing, tabletops, floors, or roofs.  It's a great large space stitch for any variety of designs.  

This stitch diagram, along with other #whimsicalwednesday and #smallspacesunday stitch diagrams, can also be found on  

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I hope you enjoy the Cubed Square stitch.  Let us know where you use it so we can learn together!

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