Baby, It's Cold Outside

And Santa needs a coat.

Today's stitch is a pared down version of a layered stitch I came across in a book.  As you will see on the stitched sample on Instagram, there is nothing special about the canvas that shows through, but the open area is a great way to add lightness to a stitched area.

I named the stitch "Tied Squares."  It's a combo of Scotch Squares in alternating directions and Oblong Upright Crosses connecting the squares.

I suggest adding the squares first, followed by the Oblong Upright Crosses.  The diagram below is my personal preference for the stitch sequence for the crosses.

If you choose to do a different sequence on the crosses, I strongly recommend you do the exact same sequence on all crosses.  It will maintain the stitch symmetry and pattern.

So, a little insight on layered stitches.  They are a wonderful way to add color and pattern to a canvas and there are times layered stitches are perfect.  However, don't forget to look at the cumulative total of the steps.  Sometimes you only need to do a portion of them.  The original diagram for this stitch included another set of oblong crosses in the open area.  And that's a great idea, especially if you want to add another color, but I loved the simplicity of the first two steps.

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