Just Another Brick in the Wall

Stumbling upon this stitch in my stash of fruit pillows reminds me of the beauty of full coverage stitches.  

While I am a big fan of open stitches, especially for backgrounds, there are times when only a full coverage stitch will do.  This stitch, named "Brick Wall*," is a great option for those occasions.

It's a rectangle within a rectangle.  But the creative dissection of the outer rectangle is what makes it so interesting.

I may be predictable but, yes, matte thread for the gray lines and metallic thread for the yellow lines.  

Something to consider adjusting is the weight of the yellow thread.  This could make a very interesting ground cover or table top with two matte threads with the yellow lines being a much lighter weight matte thread.

The biggest challenge with this stitch is compensating the gray lines, especially when working around adjacent outer rectangles.  

What helps me through the compensation is to look at the outer rectangle immediately above or adjacent to where I am trying to compensate.  The tops and bottoms of adjacent rectangles have stitches going in the same direction, highlighted above by the horizontal black arrow.  The sides of adjacent rectangles have stitches going in opposite direction, highlighted by the black vertical arrow.  The yellow lines are easy as they are always in the same direction.  I hope this helps!

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I hope you have the perfect space for this stitch and enjoy it!

* Thank you to Suzy Murphy, of Suzy's Portable Stitches, for helping me discover a name for this stitch.