WS-SC-026 Cover with Edge.jpg

Pere Noel

Father Christmas, as he is known in France, is a very discerning Santa.  My brief internet search reveals French children do not leave Santa Claus milk and cookies, as their parents typically don't drink milk and laugh at the idea of leaving a glass of what adults don't drink for a grown man, even if that same man is working all night.  Being the French, they may leave him a glass of Calvados or a wine.  (I'm French, so I can tease about the French.)

Back to the canvas.  The stitch plan for our calcium-deprived Santa includes a lovely collection of silks, metallics, beads, wools, more beads, silk ribbons, Japan thread, velvet, Wisper, and a few surprises.  The dramatic coat stitches are balanced by more subtle touches throughout the canvas.    Detailed instructions, including photos, are included for the ribbon techniques.

Designed for As You Like It Pere Noel (discontinued).  (I included it on my site just in case someone may have this piece in their stash.) Stitch Guide #WS-SC-026.  Suggested retail price = $150.

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